A “Gallion” Effect

Richard Gallion

Anyone who ever thought that Richard Gallion was going to slow down after making a big splash in the model and acting industry, they were sadly mistaken. Richard is only in the shallow end of the “pool of success” and is still swimming on to find the buried treasure at the bottom of the “ocean […]

Sam Trump Keeps On Trumping

sam trump pic

“My aim through my original music is to inspire others to do whatever they love, just as I would. I hope that every time I’m heard, a little bit of inspiration is transpired.” Sam Trump works at perfecting his craft in order to make this quote come true for anyone he passes or for those […]

Nadji Jeter on the Rise


Black Entertainment Television, also known as BET, is becoming more and more dominant in the media industry. BET is the most prominent television network which targets the young African American audiences. One of the many bright spots that BET can owe its success to is one of the newest shows, Reed Between the Lines. This […]

Simply Paris


“I’ll rest when I’m dead”. We would expect to hear a quote like this from an elderly person, one who has been working for years and years to come. Instead, we are hearing this from Paris Bennett, the vivacious, bubbly twenty-three year old who stole all of our hearts on the fifth season of American […]

Kent Faulcon Putting In Work

Kent Faulcon

For me, staying in on a Friday night was never a bad thing. This was because I grew up watching TGIF, the famous block that came on ABC TV Friday nights. Urkel and Cooper were great ways of bringing in the weekend on a right note. Now, I have a new block of television to […]

Lexy Panterra: The “Supa Dupa” Diva


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