Jason Dirden Lands “A Raisin In The Sun” on Broadway

Jason Dirden

Jason Dirden has acting in his blood. From his father, to his brother, and the other three siblings, all of them act, and Jason, humbly, gets paid for it.

Rotimi: Standing Out in a Crowd


Already a double threat for acting and singing, Rotimi talked with AndWePresent, and we learned that he is on a mission to become the best entertainer there ever was.

Blair Perkins: So Much in Store

Blair Perkins AndWePresent

So charming and humble is Blair Perkins. Known for his YouTube covers of celebrities like Beyonce’, Usher, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys, Perkins has been making a impression on the music scene for a while.

Whitney Keaton and RAII: The Gift of Marriage and Talent


Jarret Janako: Success Is About Giving Back

Jarett Janako1

We all dream of success one day; and often times once we achieve or obtain that success, very seldom do we ask how we can give it back. Actor and model Jarret Janako is the blue print of success and giving back to his community of Philadelphia. By surrounding himself with entertainers who are like-minded, […]

Collins Pennie: Prevailing Through The Past


Prevailing through his past and using it to secure his future, Collins Pennie is pressing his way through the different entries of entertainment. At a young age growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Pennie decided that he wanted more for himself than what his neighborhood could offer. After turning 15, he set out on his […]

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