Impact Makars: Captain of the Leadership

Delante Impact Statement

Northern Illinois University alumni student and current grad student at University of Minnesota, Delante LeFlore makes an impact in more ways than one…

Is the Value of a College Degree Depreciating?


What happened to the value of a college degree?

Impact Makars: Taking the Black Male Initiative to Give Back


Northern Illinois University Black Male Initiative member, leader, and student, Tre Whittaker makes himself known by…

Impact Makars: Mr. Elevation

Alandis Phillips

Alpha Phi Alpha member and student leader at Northern Illinois University, Alandis makes himself known by helping others transcend.

Northern Illinois University: Tunnels of Oppression

Tunnels of Oppression

Northern Illinois University reintroduces an impactful event for the second year in a row; Tunnels of Oppression.

Impact Makars: Passion to Impact

Lyoandra Cooper

Northern Illinois University student leader, Llyoandra makes herself known with passion. | Copyright © AndWePresent, Inc.


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