Is Technology The Blame?


What happened to in-person interactions and spending more time outside than behind a screen?

Impact Makars: Never Needed Recognition


A NIU student bound to graduate in the next few days shares her story of making an impact despite recognition, she still makes herself known as an advisor & mentor.

Impact Makars: For The People

Antonio Brown

Read about how this business student at Northern Illinois University makes an impact on the people around him.

Impact Makars: Approachable and Outgoing

Approachable and Outgoing

Operations Management and Information Systems major at Northern Illinois University makes himself known by being approachable and outgoing.

Impact Makars: Future Dr. Rhoads

Future Dr. Rhoads

A humbling story from a medical student at NIU reveals her testimony on how she makes an impact.

Impact Makars: B-Girl KFC

KFC Make Yourself Known

Read about how this artist, leader, and student of Northern Illinois University makes a crafty impact with her gift. | Copyright © AndWePresent, Inc.


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