AndWePresent, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing students through Career, Academic, and Journalism resources. We provide a platform for individuals to create ideas, access resources, and implement their ideas in the community. AWP works directly with educators and community leaders to assist students in choosing a career, and helping them gain experience in fields that will allow them to be more marketable. We help students in the areas of resume building, professional networking, social media etiquette, and other professional branding techniques

Additionally, AndWePresent provides a platform for students to take advantage of editorial and interview opportunities, media coverage at red carpet events, blogging, and other journalistic experiences. AWP is a source for conducting interviews on established professionals and aspiring individuals in the areas of education, arts, and entertainment. These interviews provide advice on networking for aspiring artists and professionals, overcoming adversity as a young professional, and ways to stand out in specific career fields. Through each interview, AWP gives readers a transparent view of their role models and community leaders with the goal of evoking inspiration.

  • At AndWePresent, we believe that inspiration is the key that drives individuals to create new ideas, achieve extraordinary leadership goals, and to motivate others.


  • We believe that inspiration occurs through emotional connections involving:
    • The desire for change
    • The drive to succeed
    • Outside positive influences


  • AndWePresent eliminates the notion that individuals must hold a certain prestige to reach the achievements of their superiors and role models. Instead, we focus on providing resources that allow individuals to pursue their passion.