“The Losing Game”- Student Film by Columbia College Students (Film Inside)

Three Columbia College Chicago students, two of which graduated together in May of 2012, created a short film together titled “The Losing Game”. The writer and director of the film was Cameran Batley, creative producer was Jessica Estelle Huggins, and Candice Majors was the director of photography .  The student film stars local up and coming actors Shavar Clark, Anita Brown, and Tiffany Johnson.

The film deals with two girls at work going after the same guy.  In their attempt to out do each other, they wound up bringing nothing but more and more misery upon the guy, leading to him being snatched away by another worker in their office.  Producer, Jessica Estelle Huggins make a couple of cameo appearances, along with the staff of the Conaway Achievement Project (CAP) at Columbia, where the film was shot.

Cameran and Jessica wanted to send a special shout out to the CAP program for allowing them to film their project in their office, and for being in the film.  Check out the film, and let these former students know what you thought of “The Losing Game”.


  1. Tom Young says:

    This doesn’t look that bad. I don’t know where I would be able to access this kind of movie, but I’d definitely watch it. I have a thing to student independent films!


  2. Allen says:

    Film is poor quality. The students behind this could have done a better job. As professors we are to push our students to the greatest limits in which they have within themselves. I am confused on the direction of this film. The plot is bland. The simpleness of women chasing a man looks easily as if this is a reflection of someone’s life who is a part of this film. Could this be so? Who was the contibuting advisor for this peace? The student actors could have also done a great deal by not sounding so scripted. Another tip would be the choice of camera and angles that this was shot from. If you all were graduating seniors than you should know that more quality and profesionalism is expected of you all. I worry that seniors are graduating and producing poor quality work and using it while job searching. What are our professors teaching in the film department? Or is it individual students do not achieve their highest artistic abilities?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Great film! Clever, great actors. But poor Matthew got jacked up! But on a serious note, it is a sad but true “physical”portrayal of the insidious”psychological” results of playing games with people. Especially how intelligent, educated, professional woman stoop to childish, immature tactics to try to get a man. Great job! Much success in the future. Thanks for posting!.


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