Celebrity Couples: Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

Celebrity Couple Hotness Quotient
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Staying Power:

Hank Baskett reportedly earns $450,000 per season as a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. No word on how much Kendra pulled in for The Girls Next Door, but she’s likely to be making even more than that on her new reality series, Kendra. Not to mention, of course, how much she earns for photo shoots, cameos on shows like Entourage and Las Vegas, and other business endeavors.

You don’t get to be Hugh Hefner‘s girlfriend for nothing — Kendra’s blonde locks and big boobs are now synonymous with Playboy. As for Hank, his body has certainly benefited from being a professional athlete, and his face is totally cute.
In April, 550,000 people searched Google to learn more about Kendra, but only 22,000 searched for Hank. Those numbers put them just under the top half of our list of most popular couples.

Staying Power.
Kendra and the other Girls Next Door have insisted that she’s tamed her formerly wild ways after becoming serious with Hank last fall, though her partying past was a far cry from marital bliss. The wedding’s set for this summer (watch below to hear details from Kendra), so we wish these two our best — but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have our doubts.

Since Kendra’s a Gemini and Hank’s a Virgo, these two have a lot in common. Still, she has a tendency to be completely tactless, while he can be overly-critical. Kendra? Tactless?

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