Adele Wins Big At the 2012 Grammys (Photos Inside)

Adele With Grammys

The fact that Adele dominated at the Grammys tonight and won all six of the awards that she was nominated for is huge! It proves that real music, pure talent and passion can sell records. She told her story, and allowed her talent to work for her, and she was rightfully awarded for it.

Jennifer Hudson Honors Whitney Houston At The Grammys (Video Inside)

Jennifer Hudson, Clive Davis, Whitney Houston

Rumors rose shortly after Whitney Houston’s death that Oscar Award winning actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson, would being participating in a tribute to the singer.  According to CNN, Hudson, being overwhelmed with emotions, had a hard time making it through the song during rehearsal.  However, she was able to pull everything together and do a […]

Broadway Actress & Songstress, Sasha Allen’s Tribute To Whitney Houston (Video Inside)

Sasha Allen In Hair

Many will remember Sasha Allen as the powerhouse from the film Camp or VH1’s Born To Diva Competition. The singers has performed behind some of the biggest names in the industry such as John Legend and Christina Aguilera, and has even toured alongside singing legend, Kenneth BabyFace Edmonds. Allen also made big moves on Broadway in […] | Copyright © AndWePresent, Inc.


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