Romeo: All Grown Up (New Music & Photos Inside)

Romeo talks to AWP about Dancing With The Stars, acting, his new music, his mentor, walking in his father’s footsteps, being the youngest president of a multi-million dollar record label, and being a motivational speaker.

Romeo is a man with wisdom that far exceeds his age.   It was a pleasure to speak with someone who has been falsely portrayed by the media for so long, and a blessing to receive all of the wisdom and knowledge that he had to share.

I was very intrigued by his appearance on “The Mo’Nique Show” when he visited the Penthouse with his sister, Cymphonique, and father, legendary rapper and philanthropist, Master P.  Romeo gave a lot of honor to God for his success, and spoke about things that you normally don’t hear young men of his age and his profession speaking about such as school being cool.  He demonstrated how educated he is, and the fact that his parents raised him up right, having him spiritually grounded, and teaching him the importance of attaining both, streets smart and books smart.

He is the youngest president of a multi-million dollar record label, having become president of “No Limit” Records at the tender age of 21, and the youngest artists to ever have a #1 record.  Romeo has done it all from rapping to acting, playing college basketball, and even dancing with the stars!  This young music/business mogul credits the inspiring work ethic of his father as his foundation, and inspiration to having achieved what he has already achieved in his life thus far.  He describes watching his father as “Being a prince, and seeing a king do what he do. You want don’t want to let your father down, but instead, make him proud.”  He’s worked hard to walk in daddy’s shoes, and he’s doing it very well. Check out the sound clips below to hear the interview between Romeo and AWP.

AWP: I had the privilege of speaking to your father a couple of years ago, and he spoke to me about his charity.  I’m aware that you play a heavy role in his charity, and I believe that is very important.  How important do you think it is to give back?


AWP: I think you said something very important, and that’s the fact that people don’t want to expose the positive things many times. Honestly, you are far beyond the man that I’ve seen portrayed in the media, which brings me even more pleasure in speaking with you. Have people tried to do reality shows on you to falsely portray who you are in efforts of entertaining more so than exposing the person that you really are?


AWP:  I think that was a very wise decision for you to make.  You are full of so much wisdom. Where does that come from? Who would you say passed on such great knowledge to you to pass on to others?


AWP: I feel that our young people are being cheated, because so many people have been giving a voice, and therefore, provided the opportunity to share their wisdom, and inspire others. However, they use it for the wrong things. So it’s evident that they can’t look at most of today’s artists as role models, but who do you suggest they look up to?


AWP: You’ve accomplished so much to be so young. Has age ever been something that’s tried to stifle you from doing certain things that you wanted to do?


AWP: Your sister, Cymphonique, is nominated for a B.E.T. Award in for Best Female Rap Artist.  I remember watching her interview on Mo’Nique, and she stated that she went into the audition, and didn’t mention the fact that she was Master P.’s daughter, or Romeo’s sister, because she wanted to get the gig based off of her talent, and she did just did. How does her success make you feel, knowing that she got it off of pure talent alone, and not because she was related to two successful professionals already in the industry that she desired to dig her teeth into?


AWP: You got to be a part in a very inspirational film, and that was Honey. I really wanted to learn to dance after that :D , but more importantly, I think people really saw what it was like to see someone who had a true passion for young people use your talents to give back to the community, and risk her life and job even to see that the children she cared for were safe, and involved in something positive.  What was it like to be apart in such a great film, and what did you learn from it?


AWP: Another great film you did was Uncle P, where you got to play the nephew of your father, and to experience life as a fatherless child. With you and your father being so close, how were you able to relate to the character, and what was it like to work with your father?


AWP: You’ve done some great acting so far, your most recent role being in “Jumping The Broom”.  Who inspired you to act, and taught you the in’s and out’s of the business?


AWP:  So you’ve been out of the game for a minute since you were busy doing school. So what’s going on with your music now? What can we expect to hear from you soon?


AWP: You were one of the celebrities in the most recent season of “Dancing With The Stars”. How much of an accomplishment was that for you, and why was it so important for you to try something so different?


AWP: Having had the chance to experience the demands of “Dancing with the Stars” first hand, do you have a greater respect for dancers and the celebs who do compete on that show?


AWP: Do you go out and do motivational speaking to share your accomplishments and knowledge with young people in efforts of inspiring them to make it to where you are one day?


AWP: Can you tell me about your clothing line, and how it’s meant to motivate young people?


AWP: What advice do you have for young people trying to be where you are?


I think it’s safe to say that Romeo is far from what he’s been perceived to be previously.  It was truly an honor to speak with someone who understands the purpose of his talents, fortune, and fame, and I’m so grateful his father raised him to be a positive young man of integrity.  Be sure to follow Romeo on twitter @romeomiller , and if you’ve yet to do so, check out the song from his mix tape, Scheduled Appointment, via the video below.   Lastly, don’t forget to visit his website, , and the website to the charity, that he supports,

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  1. iM LISTENING TO YA , BOO ! (:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have loved, admired, n adored this guy since I was n fifth grade.. n im just so proud and happy for his many accomplishments and just the wonderful person and man that he has grown 2 be.. I know da lord has so much more in store 4 u boo.. so continue doing your thing and being the person you are..You don’t know it yet but you are myfuture husband lmao..smooches hun™

    Twitter.. bReDaTrUTll

  3. Great interview! Smexy pics!

  4. Romeo i always been a devoted fan n tried my best to keep up w the amazing things youve accomplished ovr the years. ur someone ppl should idolize and admire. keep up the great work. luv u :)

  5. Words can’t describe how much respect I just gained for Romeo! He’s a great example of what many people should aspire to do…give back. Regardless of where u make it in life…u can never forget to give back! This brought tears to my eyes. He’s truly a great guy!

  6. I Like to Meet you

  7. I would love to meet you one day

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