Rihanna Gives Fan A Lap Dance On Stage?? [Video Inside]



Rihanna gets very explicit on stage with a female fan during her performance of her song “Skin”



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  1. Shreeya says:

    I’m sorry but the build up to this was more interesting than the aautcl song and if she thinks for one minute that the strategy of flipping the script is going to work here; Not!I will say this, they kept her safe with the vocals cause they know she dont have much from the start and they are trying to give her something she can stand up and do so it want require movement cause we know her moving and singing dong mix This song was a typical love gone wrong ballad and which she should have not tried and she looks a hot mess on the cover. Instead of trying to out do someone, Rihanna’s camp, let this child try to find some focus on her. Yes! she lacks the talent in her singing but if they had not put her out there so strong on the last one I believe this song would’ve worked better..


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