Actress Naturi Naughton Becomes A New Member Of “The Playboy Club” [Video Inside]

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By Andrea Watson

Most celebrities might find it challenging to transition from singing to acting, or vice versa, but not one woman who remained ambitious and optimistic even after her group split.

Naturi Naughton, who some fans might remember from 3LW, admitted that she holds no grudges towards the other members. That was a chapter in her life that she doesn’t regret, but instead learned from, in regards to both the good and the bad.

“You know, if I didn’t go through some of those tough times, I wouldn’t be as resilient, as tough, as strong and prepared, so I have no regrets at all. Even though I’ve been through some drama, it’s all good. I’m grateful for it,” stated Naughton.

More importantly, Naughton looks at her past from a spiritual perspective. “I believe God is ordering my steps and everything that has happened, even some of the bad things, like the 3LW breakup,” she explained, “[The] different things that I’ve had to go through in my career–it’s all for the good because it has made me a stronger person and I think it has prepared me for the business that I’m in.”

Since the career shift, Naturi has worked hard at perfecting her new craft. For example, while preparing to play the role of Lil Kim in Notorious, she teamed up with an acting coach and worked with a choreographer.

“I studied every aspect of her voice. You know, studying the rhymes, all the raps, I worked with an acting coach, I worked with a vocal coach, or more so a dialect coach to make sure I had the certain way she spoke and the attitude,” the actress shared, adding “I even worked with a choreographer for when I did the performance scene.”

Naughton just wrapped filming the NBC pilot “The Playboy Club” and is awaiting to hear if it will be picked up.  Announcements will be made in May.

Naughton expects some people to judge the show before they even know what it’s all about, but she’s confident that once they see it, they will change their perspective. “Even though people [or] feminists might think oh well, it’s just women in sexy Playboy bunny outfits–it’s so much more than that,” she said, “ I think the Play Boy Club is going to make people see what was really behind this whole Play Boy bunny thing. It’s not just about the body; it’s not just about a pretty face. These girls are smart, they’re intelligent, and they have dreams,” she stressed.

After learning the Playboy history and connecting to her character, Naturi believes that the bunnies are more than just sexual objects. “These women were not just walking around in cute bunny suits–they had so much more to offer– I think when people see the show they’ll get it. They just hear the word play bunny and automatically think it’s objectifying women and it’s not that at all,” she explained.

Leaving behind 3LW wasn’t the end of the world for this singer/actress, who credits God, fans and family for helping her through the tough period.

“I think my strength comes from God, my motivation comes from my family and my perseverance comes from my fans because throughout my career I had people, even fans telling me ‘Naturi we’re looking for you, Naturi, don’t give up on yourself, Naturi, we support you,’” she said.

For Naturi, if those people hadn’t been there to motivate her, she admitted that she isn’t sure she would be where she is today: “If I didn’t have people kind of continuing to uplift and push me, I honestly don’t know if I’d be here today.”

To stay connected with Naturi, be sure to add her on facebook, and follow her on twitter @naturinaughton.

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